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Paving Surfaces

DragonTeeth Mats are innovative pervious paving surfaces with added advantages and conveniences over traditional surfaces.

Penetrable Surfaces for Easy Storm Water Management

These mats allow rainwater to pass through, making it easier to manage storm water on properties in which the mats are installed.

Strong and Flexible

The materials used to construct the mats allow for greater flexibility than other pervious paving options while maintaining a high strength quotient. This flexibility also allows the mats to endure frost and freezing better than traditional pavers. DragonTeeth Mats are also more resistant to salt and chemicals. The mats are linked together via fiberglass rods and once they are assembled, the combined mats serve as one cohesive pervious paving surface.
Dtm square - Paving surfaces in Minneapolis, MN
DTMatview - Paving surfaces in Minneapolis, MN
DTMattop - Pervious paving in Minneapolis, MN
DTMatbottom - Pavers in Minneapolis, MN
DTMatend - Pervious paving in Minneapolis, MN
DTMatside - Paving surfaces in Minneapolis, MN
Dtm assembly - Pervious paving in Minneapolis, MN

A Green, Eco-Friendly Product

An added advantage of DragonTeeth Mats is that they are composed mainly of recycled material. Blends of recycled tire rubber, wood fiber, and other materials are used to construct a solid product that leaves no negative impact on the environment. DragonTeeth Mats will score well for LEEDs credits because of their composition and practicality as storm water management tools.

US Patent # 9,228,299